Visit Old Quebec City

Under Construction

Many buildings are being renovated

Restaurants and shops are waiting for you to stop by.

One of the drawbacks of visiting Quebec in the summer is the fact that construction is always happening. When the temperature drops in the fall, construction crews go inside or take a vacation – and construction does not pick back up until the late spring thaw. That does not stop the rest of the city from thriving, but you will experience some  construction activity in your travels around the city.

The reason that construction is so prevalent is that the people of Quebec (known as Quebecois in French), are very proud of their city and its history. Because of this, many of the buildings get renovated from time to time so that they can look beautiful the next time you visit. When we were in Quebec in 2013, the Chateau Frontenac was undergoing a roof makeover. The oxidized green copper on the roof was cleaned up or replaced with new copper, so that the Chateau was transformed to the copper color that was originally seen when it was first built!

Chateau Frontenac From The Plains Of Abraham

The Chateau Frontenac has a copper roof. The roof of taller building was renovated and now has the look of newer copper, while the roof of the lower buildings around it still have the green oxidized copper. Renovations were planned to continue over the next couple years.