Visit Old Quebec City

Visit Old Quebec Products

Need a souvenir from your last visit to Old Quebec City, but forgot to get it while you were there? We have a selection of items that will remind you of your visit while also showing off your visit to others!

This glorious sunset is printed on a very useful tote bag with
the logo printed on the back.
The same sunset is printed on an iPhone case (also available for Galaxy phones).
Psychedelic Garden is a photo taken by Micheal Savoie in Old Quebec City in the back alleys. This poster will be fun to explore with friends as you enjoy the nature and the surreal!
These leggings will cause people to stare at your legs, so if you are self conscious, you may want to avoid these leggings that show the Psychedelic Garden up close and personal!
BlueJayZee, the bird riding the pig in the Psychedelic Garden print, is taking a
break with your morning cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate on this mug that
also has the logo on the back.
This innovative tee shirt style shows off the Chateau Frontenac in a big way!

Tee shirts are so common that when you see one that wows you, you have to buy it immediately! The above tee shirt is printed on front and back with a HUGE photo of the Chateau Frontenac!

Need a sweatshirt that catches the eye of the Quebec fans that you may see throughout the day? This sweatshirt has a large Chateau Frontenac emblazoned on the front and back!