Visit Old Quebec City

Visiting The Plains Of Abraham

The Citadel

If you like walking, you must visit the Plains of Abraham (Les Plaines d’Abraham). The Plains are a nice grassy area just above the Citadel (La Citadelle), the fortress which is the home of the Royal 22nd Regiment. You can see from the photo above, the Plains are on top of the walls of the fort. It is pretty cool to walk around and peer over the edge of these walls.

View From The Plains Of Abraham

The view of Quebec from the Plains Of Abraham is spectacular. On our trip in 2015, we saw quite a few apartments for rent in this very neighborhood. One of the homes in this photo was for sale for $900,000 when we were looking around. One of our dreams is to have a home in this area so we can visit a few times a year and be able to take a lot of photos for our upcoming books in the Visit Old Quebec Series. Look for the first one this fall as we will be assembling it during our trip this summer – we will be revealing a tourist’s view of the city for the novice traveler.

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