Visit Old Quebec City

Why Levis?

Yvonne and I love going to Quebec City, but when we visit, we stay in Levis and travel to Quebec on the Quebec-Levis Ferry. The reason for this is threefold.

Crossing The St. Lawrence

Here we see one ferry from the deck of the other as both cross to their respective banks of the St. Lawrence River.

Quebec is very crowded. Parking is expensive. Restaurants are pricier, as are the hotels. We were able to stay for 10 days at a very nice hotel in Levis for the same price we would have paid for half that long for the same quality hotel in Quebec City. The hotel also had a shuttle to the Ferry Terminal that would take us back and forth throughout the day.

Connecting North And South

In front of the Levis Ferry Terminal, this sculpture depicts two magnets attached to each other – connecting their North and South poles together – not unlike the Quebec-Levis Ferry connecting the North and South Banks of the St, Lawrence River.

Parking on the Levis side is $6 for 24 hours. If you, like us, like to be in control of the times you go back and forth, you want to drive to the Ferry terminal. If you take your vehicle across the river in the Ferry, it is $4.80 more than crossing on foot. If you try and park in Quebec City, the price is roughly $2.50 per hour, depending on where you are. Some parking garages in Quebec City have specials on weekends, but those fill up fast.

New Ferry terminal in Levis

View of the waiting area of the Levis Ferry Terminal taken from the Ferry.

New Ferry terminal in Levis

The entry passage to board the ferry from the Levis Terminal.

The best part about a trip to Quebec is that you can make it your own by selecting the things that make it fun for you – like where to stay, what to do and how much to spend. We have family in the area, so staying in Levis is the smart choice, because we can drive to most of them without crossing the river.

This time around, we spent a lot of time taking pictures and a lot less time visiting family. We feel terrible about that, because we love our family here. We are going to have to spend a little longer here and plan more family time on our next visit.

What parts of Old Quebec are your favorites (or are you interested in making your favorites)? Comment below or on our Facebook Page.